Report: Flyers and Kraken working on a deal involving Tarasenko

T. Tadi
July 19, 2021  (2:57 PM)

The St. Louis Blues shocked many hockey fans this weekend when they decided not to protect star forward Vladimir Tarasenko in the Seattle Kraken expansion draft. Tarasenko has dealt with very serious injuries as of late but remains one of the most talented players on the Blues roster, but there have been rumblings suggesting that there has been some type of major falling out between the Russian star and the Blues organization.

It is true that at a cap hit of $7.5 million for two more seasons there is some risk in selecting Tarasenko in the draft given the uncertainty that stems from his injuries, but the Kraken may have found a way to still profit from the selection while removing the risk entirely.

On Monday NHL insider Frank Seravalli revealed that he has heard rumblings linking Tarasenko, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Seattle Kraken to a major trade, one that could potentially involve another big name in Flyers forward Jakub Voracek. It was clear based on Seravalli's comments that this one would still need some work to get done, but this could turn out to be the biggest deal of the expansion draft by far.
"That unraveled in such a big way and I am actually surprised that the St. Louis Blues didn't pull off a trade to at least send him somewhere else" said Seravalli.
"To potentially lose him for nothing to Seattle, which is now not just a real possibility I think it is probably more likely than not that it happens, because Seattle ends up taking Tarasenko and then flipping somewhere else."
Seravalli hinted at the fact that he has a pretty good idea of where that somewhere else will be.
"Where is that somewhere else? Well we don't know just yet but my spidey senses are tingling that the Philadelphia Flyers are in the mix," said Seravalli. "They've been trying to get Seattle to take Jake Voracek, potentially with a first round pick."
The insider revealed the Flyers have balked at the idea of including a first to get rid of Voracek thus far, but did lay out how he feels this deal could work moving forward.
"The Flyers weren't necessarily willing to go that first round pick just yet, but I'm sure they could include something and maybe allow the Kraken to take a defenseman like Robert Hague for instance and then maybe package Tarasenko going back the other way."
Credit: HockeyFeed
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