Carey Price to the Seattle has been approved by ownership

T. Tadi
July 19, 2021  (10:55)

When word came out that the Montreal Canadiens had asked that franchise goaltender Carey Price waive his NMC to be left exposed in the Seattle Expansion Draft in order to protect Jake Allen, there were mixed reactions ranging from "never happen" to "good, get his contract out of here".

While many of the reactions were based in reality, I don't know if anyone really, whole-heartedly thought that, at the beginning of this thing, the Seattle Kraken would SERIOUSLY consider taking on his exorbitant $10.5M cap hit for 5 more seasons. Seattle ownership confirmed that Price's 11 million signing bonus is not an issue.
Add to that the recent revelations that Price is reportedly dealing with at least one significant injury, possibly two (knee, hip), which may require surgery and could cause him to miss most or all of the 2021-22 season and it would have appeared unlikely at the time that teams had submitted protection lists that Price was in any real danger of being plucked from Montreal on Wednesday.
As the days have rolled on, and as we move toward the July 21st expansion draft, the likelihood seems to be increasing that the Kraken could pick up Price, even if the perception that he may be overpaid, injured or not.
Frank Seravalli confirmed on Monday that the Kraken are doing their own intense investigation on Price's potential medical issues and that, significant injuries or not, ownership has green lit the idea of bringing Price to Seattle, leaving the decisions in GM Ron Francis' hands.
How about that for a bombshell on a Monday? Per Seravalli, there is no more doubt. The Kraken are actually considering it and have discussed it at length.
This could be the end of an era, ladies and gents.
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