PK Subban lands his first Hollywood Gig!

Published February 3, 2022 at 4:53 PM

We all know Pk Subban has that flamboyant personality that some fans like while others don't.

One thing you can't deny PK Subban draws fans attention. This helped him because the New Jersey Devils defenceman has landed his first Hollywood role.


Pk Subban will Join Johnny Knoxville and the cast of Jack ass forever. The NHL star defenceman will test out the protective cup by blasting slapshots at the crotches of the Jack ass Stars who are taped to the net at the same time.


Jack Director Jeff Tremaine had this to say on PK Subban's role in Jack Ass Forever:


«PK Subban was so psyched to be there. On the side, right as we were getting ready to do it, PK was like, Do you want me to hit him, first try? I didn't believe him. I said, No! He's like, OK, well where do you want me to hit him? And I'm like, [motions to face], because Ehren had a helmet and mask on.»

«The very first shot perfect. I don't know how he did it but just dead-eyed hit Ehren right between the eyes, rattled him, knocked him down and maybe out for a second. The velocity of the puck hitting his face, you can see it concuss all the way down his body on the Phantom camera in slo-mo.»

«We got the miss we wanted. The second one, it was just above the cup, kind of got him in the stomach, where he was pretty sufficiently padded. That hit him pretty hard, but he was OK.

And then the next shot was dead on nuts.

I believe he chose this aluminum cup, and there's a perfect dent right where it hit. He chose well on that one.

As we were editing it, each one of the clips stood alone by themselves. So at one point, I had them cut each individually and was trying to make a series of runners throughout the movie: test one, and then test two later and test three even later. But it really paced up once we put it all together and added music. It worked best being a montage of all the bits together.»

-Jeff Tremaine

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