NETFLIX launches a hockey documentary about one of the most bizarre real-life stories ever

Published August 31, 2021 at 8:19

If you enjoy a good hockey story, you should watch Netflix's latest "Untold" instalment. Danbury Trashers, a team that played two seasons in the now-defunct United Hockey League, led to some of the most bizarre hockey events ever.

As the owner of 25 trash hauling companies, James Galante, dubbed the "real-life Tony Soprano", purchased the Danbury franchise in 2004. He immediately named his 17-year-old son A.J. president and general manager. He also spent $1.5 million to expand the team's arena from 750 to 3000 seats.

A.J. envisioned a team of hockey's "bad boys" and set out to sign players who fit that image. Danbury racked up the most penalty minutes in league history in its first season. He was suspended for two major bench clearing brawls. Despite this, the team finished second in their division but not first. Danbury's Trashers won the league championship in their second season. However, they lost and James Galante was charged with 72 counts of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The trash hauler owner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 87 months in prison. Concurrently the Trasher disbanded citing financial issues, including travel. Wire fraud was one of Galante's charges stemming from the interstate faxing of fraudulent salary cap documents. Players or their wives received no-show jobs within one of the disposal companies or housing allowance checks for amounts already paid. The Trashers were estimated to have overpaid by $475,000, bringing the total payroll close to $750,000.

Netflix has released the trailer. It should be enjoyable for hockey fans.

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