McDavid admits that he still needs to "grow up."

Published August 31, 2021 at 7:48

During his offseason training, McDavid is focusing on becoming a more all-around player, which is bad news for the rest of the League.

"This is one of those weeks where guys are really trying to ramp it up and dial in their details, and I'm no different," McDavid told The Associated Press. "I'm trying to keep the details where they need to be, and that way when it comes [to training] camp it's not just a light switch."

And being the student of the game that he is, McDavid knows that there's room for improvement, and it will help him in the long run.

"Back then, just being so young you just kind of do the same type of thing and just go out and think it's going to be the same for you," McDavid said. "Heading into my seventh year, you realize that you've always got to be building on your game, growing your game and working on a full, 200-foot game. ...

"It takes some growing up to kind of realize that. I've definitely gone through that process."

It certainly was a tough lesson for McDavid and the Oilers to learn at the hands of the Jets, but just like the classic Aerosmith tune explains, one must lose in order to know how to win.

"Everyone individually kind of understands what it takes to win the playoffs, but I think collectively just to understand how hard it is to win in the playoffs, how every little detail matters, every little play," he said. "These are all lessons that we've had to go through, and we've obviously gone through them probably a little slower than we should have, but we're definitely getting there."
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McDavid admits that he still needs to "grow up."

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