Yvon Pedneault Wants Bergevin To Make A Hostile Offer To Elias Pettersson

Published August 31, 2021 at 7:43

Hostile offers... A controversial but exciting side of the sport.

The NHL has made hostile offers to Sebastian Aho and Kotkaniemi. Unlike Bergevin and Waddell, the other general managers in the league are afraid to offer. Will the Canadiens-Carolina GM "war" thaw their counterparts? I wish. Let go of unwritten rules. Making friends isn't a GM's job. So why not sign a talented player?

Yvon Pedneault welcomes hostile offers. Marc Bergevin should make an offer to Elias Pettersson, he told 91.9 sports. No less. So long as Jim Benning doesn't make Suzuki an offer.

Surely. After all, the team and the player haven't agreed on anything. Plus, the Canucks have only $10 million left under the salary cap and must sign Pettersson and Quinn Hughes...

Vancouver's two stars will never get along unless one of them gets a bridge contract, which Jim Benning is trying to avoid. A personnel move is required.

This problem allows Marc Bergevin in. He must use the situation in BC to make a hostile offer to Pettersson.

Yvon Pedneault would target J.T. Miller as well. Unlike Pettersson, Miller has a two-year contract. It's impossible to hit both forwards. It'd be too costly, and the Habs don't have $30 million. A possibility if KK leaves for Carolina.

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Yvon Pedneault Wants Bergevin To Make A Hostile Offer To Elias Pettersson

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