Kid sexually abused by Kyle Aldrich says to his mom he was raped; Full Interview

T. Tadi
November 9, 2021  (9:34)

Here are quotes from the mother of John Doe #2 (Kid sexaully abused by Aldrich)

On Kyle Beach and his courage to come forward:
«I just wanted to reach through and hold him,» she said during a series of interviews with TSN over the past week. «I just wanted to tell him that everything is going to be okay, it's got to be okay. He's not at fault for this at all, not at all. He's a survivor, like my son. Yes, they were victims, but they're surviving now. And he is so courageous, and we admire him I just wanted to hold him like I held my son. And tell him I'm sorry. It didn't have to happen.»
On Gary Bettman and his involvement in the alleged cover-up:
«I think [Bettman] needs a new job, that he needs to retire,» she said. «I don't think he has empathy for kids, or even young adults. And if he needs more information, I got a whole folder full of it here for him he can read. I've got the court documents of the conviction. If he needs more information to help my son, I have it. I'm more than willing to scan it and send it over to him»
She goes on to describe how she found out Aldrich had abused her kid. She remembers her son's dramatic shift in behaviour and finding empty Benadryl bottles all around his room. She addressed her son, saying the boy's girlfriend deserved more.
«I told him she didn't deserve to date a loser,» she said. «He never raised his voice, ever to me, and he screamed in my face, ‘Do you want to know, Mom? Do you? Do you want to know why I'm a loser, Mom? Do you want to know why?' As he yelled in my face I was in complete shock. And that's when those horrible words came out. He said, ‘Because I was raped, Mom.' I just held him and screamed, ‘No, no, no.' That's all I could say.»
I don't know what else will crush a parent's heart.
That's when John Doe #2's mother claims her and her son's lives were forever altered. The child withdrew and lost interest in hockey.
«He had huge amounts of hockey cards, almost every player you could think of – probably 10, 15, 20 of the same person. Now... he's basically not even really watching the game."
Credit: HockeyFeed
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