Jesse Puljujarvi's Teammate Hints That He Was Traumatized in Time with Edmonton

Published March 25, 2023 at 5:02 PM

After being drafted 4th overall in 2016, Jesse Puljujärvi's time in Edmonton can only be described as a failure; on the part of the player, the organization, and generally speaking.

Jesse Puljujärvi Traumatized in Time with Edmonton

Puljujarvi's time in Carolina hasn't yielded the points yet, but overall his play has been solid. Furthermore, he has several other Finns in which he has found comfort.

Longtime friend Sebastian Aho has taken in the power forward and - in his latest interview - recalls that Puljujärvi's time in Edmonton was incredibly difficult on his confidence and mental health. To the point where JP won't even talk about it.

"I think he is adapting better and better all the time. The game will definitely start to become more natural gradually. Yes, Jesse knows how to play," Aho said."

"I have no idea what happened there in Edmonton," Aho commented.

The Carolina Hurricanes present a rebirth of sorts for Jesse Puljujärvi, who was effectively run out of Edmonton by an angry mob - figuratively speaking, of course.

It's evident that Puljujärvi's tenure with the Oilers weighed heavily on the Finn's confidence and mental state. Back in December - before the trade - the 24-year old admitted his confidence got so low, that he didn't feel like he was good enough to play in the NHL.

Not exactly what one wants to hear from a 4th overall pick. Hopefully, JP can find his game with the Hurricanes.

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Jesse Puljujarvi's Teammate Hints That He Was Traumatized in Time with Edmonton

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