Jakub Vrana Says Red Wings Abandoned Him for Going to Rehab

Published March 24, 2023 at 3:21 PM

St. Louis Blues F Jakub Vrana revealed sketchy details about his time in Detroit recently after going on an absolute tear for his new team. In his first 6 games with St. Louis, the 26-year old 4 goals, 1 assist, 1 game-winning goal, and 21 shots on goal.

Talk about making a strong first impression.

Vrana Feels Abandoned by His Former Team

Vrana entered the NHL's Player Assistance Program in October for an unspecified substance abuse issue. The 26-year old was subsequently placed on waivers and buried in the minors. Detroit only recalled him to the NHL thanks to an injury to star forward Lucas Raymond.

In his latest interview on the subject, Vrana implied he felt betrayed by the club even though he was only trying to better himself.

"I came back and felt like a new person. It was totally different. It's just that it was a little frustrating to me. expected a little bit more trust and a little bit more chance to kind of put the pieces together again. That didn't work.

I still think I did the right thing (in seeking help). Some people didn't like that and they didn't accept it .. Now it's a new opportunity. I cannot be happier to join."

One has to feel for the guy.

Mental health is arguably the hardest type of health to maintain, so when someone is openly going through it, pretty much everyone can empathize on some level.

It's great to see him having success in his new home.
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