"It would be extraordinary to come back as a head coach of the Canadiens" -PATRICK ROY

Published June 6, 2021 at 1:36 PM

Exactly 12 days ago, the Canadiens were trailing 3-1 in their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs and fans were claiming the lead of Marc Bergevin and Dominique Ducharme, as was that of the Bell Center Zamboni driver and probably also that of the parking attendant of the building.

Quickly, the name of Patrick Roy was mentioned. Whether as general manager or head coach, many saw the ex-No. 33 come back into the squad's fold and turn things around. But the world of hockey being what it is, things can change very quickly sometimes.

On this sunny Sunday, the Canadians not only have beaten the Leafs for almost a week already, but are also two small third-round wins, currently ahead 2-0 in their second-round series against the Jets. Suddenly, Marc Bergevin and Dominique Ducharme have become gods again and no one dares to talk about dismissal in their case.

Patrick Roy's recent statements, launched on Sunday morning during a long interview with Ève-Marie Lortie of «Salut, Bonjour!», However, risk reviving discussions surrounding the position of CH head coach.

Asked by the host about his interest in Canadians, Roy was extremely clear.

"For sure it would be extraordinary for me to come back as a coach to the great Canadiens family."

«There are currently people in place and they are doing an excellent job. Few experts had predicted a CH victory when they lost 3-1 in their series to Toronto. There, Montreal leads 2-0 against Winnipeg and it's great to see the team perform.''

Roy was then asked what kind of message he would send to Carey Price if he had the opportunity to speak to him.

The response from the current Remparts coach was very clear.

«Carey Price doesn't need me. In the series against Toronto, he made a save that sounded like a routine, but turned out to be hugely important. In Game 6 overtime, Auston Matthews backhanded as he rolled over, but Carey stretched the pad. He saved the CH season. This kind of stop gives the team a lot of confidence. And now we can see how Montreal plays with confidence ... "

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"It would be extraordinary to come back as a head coach of the Canadiens" -PATRICK ROY

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