Is Dougie Hamilton the last missing piece for Bergevin?

T. Tadi
July 16, 2021  (8:41)

Earlier this week, the announcement of Shea Weber's possible retirement due to an accumulation of injuries literally hit home with Tricolore fans.

Some sources mention that he is suffering from an injury that could keep him out of action for the entire 2021-2022 season. Renaud Lavoie, as well as several other analysts, have mentioned that the valiant captain may not appear on the CH's protection list for the upcoming expansion draft.
He also missed the last eight games of the regular season after suffering a hand injury earlier in the season. Many rumors suggest that the CH medical staff would have preferred that Weber not play in the playoffs, but the veteran defenseman was adamant about playing and he was able to convince them that he could do so.
Should the worst case scenario materialize and he miss the entirety of next season, his absence would leave a huge hole on the right side of the Habs' defensive line. Although he has slowed down and is aging, the rugged defenseman is still one of the toughest backs in the NHL.
If you look at the Sainte-Flanelle's prospect pool closely, the lack of depth on the right side of the defense is obvious. Only Cale Fleury seems to be ready to play in the NHL next season. Currently, there are only four right-handed defensemen in the Tricolore organization: Weber, Petry, Fleury and Brook.
However, a more than interesting option presents itself on the side of the defensemen who are autonomous players without compass, the right-handed giant of 28 years old Dougie Hamilton. The 9th overall pick in the 2011 draft will be one of the most coveted picks when the market opens.
Having earned a salary of $5.75 million over the past six seasons, he must inevitably expect a salary increase when he signs his next deal. The prolific defenseman has accumulated 82 points in 102 games over the past few seasons with the Raleigh, Carolina team.
The demand for the big man's services could be high, as he is virtually the only top right-handed defenseman on the UFA market this summer. If Shea Weber is ever placed on the long-term injury list by the CH, it's obvious that Marc Bergevin will try to take advantage of the cap space under the cap to fill the gaping hole left by it. Could Hamilton be the missing piece that could improve the Montreal organization's defense? To be continued...
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