Insider reveals 6 teams interested in both Toffoli and Chariot

Published February 13, 2022 at 1:04 PM

The Montreal Canadiens will be sellers at the trade deadline, Friedman hinted that the Canadiens' are working with a lot of teams.

"We worked on Montreal vs. Columbus earlier today, and something happened in that game that made me wonder if we're going to see some traction come up,"

Friedman said on Saturday. "Ben Chiarot temporarily quit the game, but he returned, and you always worry about something like this when you have a guy with as much interest as he does. And I think we're all waiting to see if the action shifts to Chiarot."

Unfortunately, Ben's skate was tangled with an opponent's during the game, injuring him. This means he will probably not get traded before the playoffs.

Friedman also mentioned the names of the six teams who are currently interested
in Chiarot and Toffoli.

"We'll see where this goes, but I think we'll see a few more calls made on an already popular player," Friedman added. "Among the interested teams are St. Louis, Carolina, Rangers, Florida, Los Angeles, and Calgary.»

Credit: HF
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