Has Marc-André Fleury hit his Breaking point with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Published February 3, 2022 at 9:14

It wasn't a good night for the Chicago Blackhawks, and it was definitely not a good night for Marc-André Fleury.


After being pulled tonight vs the Minnesota Wild for giving up 5 goals, reports saw Fleury lose his shit in the tunnel to the visitors dressing room smashing his stick against the wall.

Fleury is usually a level headed goaltender but you could clearly see the frustration from Fleury smashing his stick again the post after the 5th Wild goal.

Marc-André Fleury is one of the best of this generation and clearly deserves better then the way the Chicago Blackhawks have been playing.

It's believed Fleury will be traded before the NHL's trade deadline. But after tonight do you think that was the breaking point for him?

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