Habs players reaction to Scheifele nasty hit on Evans

Published June 3, 2021 at 2:21 PM

Ducharme on the health status of Jake Evans :

He's doing better. We have two doctors with us. They took care of him last night. They didn't feel the need to take him to the hospital, which is good news. He'll definitely miss a lot of time. It's tough to say how long right now.

Ducharme on responding for the vicious hit on Evans:

That's something that we'll manage the right way. We have one objective. That's winning. We came here to win games and win a series. An incident like that sparks emotion. I mentioned that it's sometimes difficult to spark emotion again after a seven-game series. They've sparked us even more now.

Petry on staying focused after the incident involving Evans:

The last four games that we've played, we've played a solid game, and that's the way that we want to play. We all know what happened last night, and the best way to get back at them is to win the series. Our focus is to make sure that we're playing the right way, the way we've played in the last four games, and make them pay that way.

Petry on the standout play of Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the postseason:

He's been good. He's shown up to play in the playoffs. We saw it last year and we're seeing it again this year. He's playing a heavier game, a harder game. He's going to the net, and at this time of the year, that's what you need. It seems like the playoffs bring out the best in him.

Byron on former NHL players defending Mark Scheifele:

Hockey today isn't the same as 1999. We're trying to eliminate a hit like that. It's dangerous. I heard guys mention that it was Jake's responsibility to defend himself. But, when you're doing a wraparound near the net, you have no chance to protect yourself. It was a one-goal game and there was around one minute left in regulation. It was an important goal for our team. We didn't like the hit. It was dirty. The Department of Player Safety will handle it.
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Habs players reaction to Scheifele nasty hit on Evans

Should the Habs avenge Evans or focus on winning the series?

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