Gary Bettman Breaks the Silence on NHL Expansion Rumours

Published March 15, 2023 at 1:22 PM

According to Chris Johnston, an NHL insider, Gary Bettman has shut down the rumours that the NHL might expand again.

With the recent success of the Seattle and Vegas expansions, fans were beginning to speculate if the NHL might expand again.

Gary Bettman shuts down NHL expansion rumours

The rumours began with Kevin Weekes, another NHL insider, who replied to a tweet hinting that Houston and Atlanta might be the next expansion teams

Fans were met with silence from Bettman for weeks until he finally broke the silence, Johnston said

Gary Bettman says the NHL has received expansion interest: "Places like Atlanta, like Houston, like Quebec City."

Adds: "But we're not in an expansion mode right now and it's not really something, at least right now, that's anywhere close to front-burner for us."

Bettman does not seem interested in new teams for now, fans expected him to mention Houston and Atlanta, but the appearance of Quebec City in this statement is a surprise.
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Gary Bettman Breaks the Silence on NHL Expansion Rumours

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