Fans rip MacKinnon apart for his behaviour with teammates!

Published August 4, 2021 at 10:28

The interview was supposed to be about him, but it turned into one about his former Colorado Avalanche teammate Nathan MacKinnon, and it went viral.

In talking about MacKinnon, Zadorov revealed personal details and interesting facts about the star forward's preparation. We're talking six-figure investments in chefs, doctors, and dietitians. He surrounds himself with experts during the season and has changed his lifestyle to improve his career.

Zadorov explained how MacKinnon never drinks alcohol and only drinks water, and how he banned treats from the locker room two years ago, urging players to eat healthier during the season.

Fans began criticising MacKinnon for his behaviour with teammates...

MacKinnon's attitude, like MJ's, is what it takes to be as good as he is, according to the interview.

In the faceoff circle, he'll yell at teammates who miss his stick. But they improve, right? Zadorov talked about playing with MacKinnon.

»If you miss a pass in practise, he will literally scream at you,» he said. «If the puck lands in his skates—not even his skates—and misses his stick by 15 centimetres, he doesn't move his stick to catch it. He pauses, turns around, and slaps the puck at you. So he won't try to catch any puck during practise just to show you made a bad pass.

Everyone improves, which is why the Avalanche are fortunate to have MacKinnon. But we can see why Landeskog is the captain and not MacKinnon... If he were...

See what else was revealed about MacKinnon in the full interview translated from Russian to English. He's intense!

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Fans rip MacKinnon apart for his behaviour with teammates!

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