Elliotte Friedman Reveals the Chicago Blackhawks are Open to Trading for Prospects

Published November 26, 2023 at 4:34 PM

With Taylor Hall, Corey Perry and others on the injured reserve long-term it looks like the Blackhawks may be looking to bolster their future says Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the Friday edition of the ‘32 Thoughts'

Friedman and Marek Think it May be Worthwhile for the Hawks to Take on Bad Contracts to Help in the Future

At the time of this article, Chicago remains at the bottom of the Central division. Although the future looks bright with generational talent Connor Bedard and other high quality prospects in the system, this team is not ready to compete yet.

We have seen in recent years, teams that are out of contention are sometimes willing to take the load of bad contracts in exchange for draft picks and prospects. Chicago has the cap space, and the appropriate situation to make this work and Jeff Marek thinks they will in the quote below.

Marek: «Can the Chicago Blackhawks now play Kingmaker? We talked about negotiating from a position of strength and Kent Hughes picking up first round draft picks, etc. You know, you're the Chicago Blackhawks now and you've met this news about Taylor Hall.
What now if you're Chicago? Are you all of a sudden open for business? We'll take your bad deals, we'll also take your prospects and your picks»

How Chicago can Set Themselves up for the Future

If GM Kyle Davidson is able to take on some bad money, they would be able to further bolster the team down the road. It's also possible through this strategy that the Hawks may find some veteran line mates for Bedard.

Over recent years, the Blackhawks have done an excellent job preparing for their future success and look to continue this season.
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Elliotte Friedman Reveals the Chicago Blackhawks are Open to Trading for Prospects

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