Chantal Machabee gives her opinion on the Logan Mailloux case

T. Tadi
July 25, 2021  (9:26)

RDS journalist Chantal Machabee wrote an editorial on the Logan Mailloux case. Enjoy reading it!

#LoganMailloux File
In my 38-year career, I've heard a lot. Logan Mailloux is not the first to have made a profound mistake, there have been others before him, before the era of social networks. But times have changed and bullshit spreads quickly. I hope, however, that there will be an awareness and that there will be less and less, or even the disappearance, of such degrading events.
The young man will perhaps even be at the origin of a movement of transformation with as objective, a higher respect of women. For that is what this is all about. They say he made a mistake. Yes and no.
Logan Mailloux's mistake is to have taken the photo of the young woman. The rest, the sequence of events, is not a mistake, it is contempt, it is abuse of power over his victim. He wanted to "impress" his teammates, to be part of the gang, at the expense of the young woman's dignity. The sharing of the photo with his teammates as well as the disclosure of the victim's identity (the sharing of the name, age and profile picture of one of his accounts on social networks) underlines a great immaturity but above all a long way to go... that he has already started according to what he said this morning in a press conference.
Is he entitled to a second chance? Of course! He has been in therapy for a few months, so he is on the right track. Can the Habs help him on his way? Absolutely! I am sure that the tricolore is equipped to accompany him in his good will.
It was not easy for Logan Mailloux to answer questions from reporters this morning. Let's remember that the young man is only 18 years old and has little experience in front of the media. He did it with aplomb, admitting his faults more than once. I believe he is sincere.
I just wish the Habs would have respected the young man's desire not to be drafted so he could focus on the important values he needs to assimilate. He has talent, no doubt, but we're not talking about a gifted player either. The CH could have avoided this scandal.
I think a lot about the victim who probably needs to move on but that the draft is putting this story in his face. She has suffered humiliation, lost her dignity and reading the comments on social networks, she must also accept the judgment of some people who minimize what she has experienced and even blame her in some cases. It is an incredible sadness.
I sincerely hope that the victim can see the sun behind those dark clouds. I also hope that Logan Mailloux will recover from this hard lesson and become a more emphatic young man, more aware of the significance of the actions we take in life.
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Chantal Machabee gives her opinion on the Logan Mailloux case

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