Carey Price Blames Himself

Published July 3, 2021 at 11:31

It's time to find a culprit for yesterday's game, right? The culprit is called "collective". When a group is not in the moment, forgets to play with instinct and repeats silly mistakes that end in a goal for the opponent, it gives the current result. A 0-3 loss against the best team on the planet, which has a certain Nikita Kucherov in its ranks.

Following this 6-3 setback, Carey Price took a (too) big part of the blame for the team, he who is not proud of the performances he offers since the opening of this final: "I can definitely be better. It's not good enough so far. "

Honestly, number 31 is absolutely right. Yesterday he gave two zingers, and since the opening of the final, his stuff is not the same as the three previous series. On the other hand, he is not the culprit of the three setbacks, but like his group, he is making mental errors since he is not in the moment.

Being in the moment means having your head in the game, playing with your killer instinct and not thinking about tomorrow. It's happening RIGHT NOW. Multiplying costly mistakes is an indicator that the unit is not mentally present... That's what I've been seeing since this team struggled against the mighty Tampa Bay Lightning.

To get back into this series, which will be a VERY tough job, the Blue-White-Red will have to limit mistakes and impose their rhythm. We know the character of this team, even more so when their backs are against the wall, as Carey Price said: "We have no choice. We've faced adversity all year. Our backs are against the wall. We're going to want to do our best! "
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Carey Price Blames Himself

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