Blackhawks make a huge mistake with Fleury's name on his jersey

Published August 19, 2021 at 3:49 PM

Many names of players in the history of the National Hockey League have given and continue to give many people a hard time, whether it be the way they are spelled or the way they are pronounced.

Mistakes in writing or pronunciation with these names are rather forgivable given their complexity.

On the other hand, some names simply cannot be misspelled, considering the few letters they comprise.

Marc-Andre Fleury's name may seem complex, but when it comes to writing his last name on a jersey, it's not.

That, however, was the rather embarrassing mistake made by the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks posted a photo of all of the new players that will be playing for them next season this afternoon.

They did, however, make a humiliating error by spelling Fleury's name incorrectly.

Isn't it apparent to spell Fluery instead of Fleury?

The Blackhawks swiftly realised their error and took the message off from their social media accounts, but it was too late. Several users had already screenshotted the error and posted it on their social media sites.

We thought the Knights disrespected him
August 19   |   272 answers
Blackhawks make a huge mistake with Fleury's name on his jersey

Who disrespected Fleury more?

Blackhawks8330.5 %
Knights18969.5 %
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