NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
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BREAKING: Gary Bettman Calls for an Emergency Press Conference

Published January 31, 2024 at 11:49


The NHL is set to host a significant press conference this Friday, where Commissioner Gary Bettman is expected to address several pressing issues. Key among them is the ongoing controversy involving five players, four of whom are NHL employees, linked to the 2018 Team Canada Junior scandal. This will be Bettman's first public commentary on the matter after weeks of silence.

Gary Bettman Expected To Make First Comments On 2018 Team Canada Junior Scandal

Another major topic likely to be discussed is the potential expansion of the NHL to Salt Lake City. This move would mark a significant development in the league's growth and strategy.

Furthermore, journalist Pierre LeBrun has hinted that Bettman might officially announce a World Cup of Hockey. Such an announcement, especially during the All-Star weekend, would be a major highlight for the sport.

Overall, the press conference is poised to be a pivotal moment for the NHL, with Bettman expected to address these crucial topics and possibly make a landmark announcement, making it an event of great interest to hockey fans and stakeholders alike.

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BREAKING: Gary Bettman Calls for an Emergency Press Conference

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