Richmond Sockeyes player of the Pacific Junior Hockey League putting the North Vancouver Wolf Pack goaltender into a chokehold during a line brawl.
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SCARY SCENE: Player Chokes Goalie Unconscious During Game

Published January 31, 2024 at 10:40

In a scary scene during a junior hockey game, a player choked a goalie unconscious during a line brawl, in a move that should never appear on the ice.

Player Chokes Goalie Out Using UFC Move That Should Never Appear On the Ice

Fighting in hockey is one thing, players usually agree to drop the gloves and it ends when the fight goes down to the ice. While there is debate on whether that should be removed form the game is one thing, however, what happened during a game in the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL) is another.

During a line brawl that was breaking out after the whistle, one of the players from the Richmond Sockeyes decided to put the goaltender from the North Vancouver Wolf Pack into a chokehold. Not only did he do that, but he also held it long enough to knock the goaltender out unconscious.

"@ThePJHL @RSockeyes player Eithan Grishin chokes a goalie unconscious, holding a guillotine choke longer than you'll ever see in a sanctioned UFC fight 😳 no statement from the league or team, only from @NVanWolfPack stating the goalie is recovering at home."

The Vancouver Wolfpack released a statement about their goaltender after the game, stating that he is recovering at home and is day to day with his injuries.

Wolf Pack goaltender Evan Paul was required to leave Thursday's game against Richmond due to a severe injury suffered near the end of the game.

Paul is recovering at home, and his injury status is day-to-day.

The Wolf Pack would like to thank all the people in the PIHL and the hockey community who have reached out to the team with their support and have checked on Evan after this horrible incident.

Player Suspended Indefinitely For Chokehold Move

The player in question who put the goaltender in a chokehold has officially been suspended indefinitely from the PJHL, in order to do a proper investigation of what occurred on the ice.

Clearly, there is no room for this type of violence in hockey, and this was a step way over the line.

As seen on Markerzone - "Player Takes Out Goaltender with UFC Move while Officials Watch"
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SCARY SCENE: Player Chokes Goalie Unconscious During Game

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