Vancouver Canucks captain Quinn Hughes celebrating a goal Against the St. Louis blues
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Vancouver Canucks Captain Quinn Hughes Urges Management to Make a Trade

Published January 30, 2024 at 9:56 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have ridden the «Victoria Van» to the tune of a 33-11-5 record, the best in the NHL. It could be argued these Nucks «Can» contend for a Stanley Cup as currently constructed. Yet that's not enough for captain Quinn Hughes. The 24-year-old lefty and Norris Trophy leader is envisioning a shutdown righty on his side.

It's why the Canucks are hunting for a right-shot defenseman, and guess who's popped up on their radar? Chris Tanev is a former fan favorite who spent ten seasons (2011-2020) in Vancouver.

Quinn Hughes Leading the Charge for Chris Tanev's Return

According to a report from ChekTV's Rick Dhaliwal, Hughes is all for bringing Tanev back, praising his impact on and off the ice.

Dhaliwal dropped the news, saying:

Quinn Hughes is really pulling for him this year, telling management that Tanev's the guy you should go after. And you know what? Tanev's got love for Vancouver. If he hits free agency on July 1st, you can bet Vancouver's way up on his list. But the big question is, how do you pry him out of Calgary?

Tanev was a significant mentor during his Canucks days, especially for the young guns, fostering a tight team vibe. Hughes himself has sung Tanev's praises, and the idea of him returning excites the faithful.

Even though Tanev's 34, he's still a warrior. Over in Calgary, he's logging solid minutes, averaging almost 20 minutes of ice time per game. His impact isn't reflected on the stat sheet, as he's known chiefly for his shutdown skills, often taking on the burgeoning in the league and cooling them down for at least one night.

Potential Defensive Pairings: Strategizing with Tanev's Skillset:

Adding Tanev to the Canucks' blueline will be a game-changer, maybe teaming him up with guys like Nikita Zadorov, who Vancouver acquired from Tanev's Flames earlier this season, Ian Cole, or Carson Soucy to create a brick wall in front of their net.

The move could let Hughes and Hronek focus less on defense and more on scoring.

Yet, the question is how far are the Flames willing to go?

The Flames might want a first-round pick, considering Taven is a rental and making $4.5 million this season. The Canucks are scarce for space, and they might have to shuffle the roster around to make room.
However, Canucks aren't backing down. They're set on beefing up their squad, with hopes for a run at the franchise's maiden Stanley Cup, and fulfilling their captain's wishes. Watch this space for more.
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Vancouver Canucks Captain Quinn Hughes Urges Management to Make a Trade

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