Alex Burrows delivers inspiring message to his players

Published July 2, 2021 at 11:52

Alex Burrows has a lot of mileage behind his tie as a player. Burrows had a colossal career, he played several years on the same unit as the Sedin twins because they wanted to play with the Quebecer. The Canadiens' assistant coach was a character player, a pest, a warrior, an outstanding competitor and he knew how to stand up at crucial moments. Honestly, he was for a long time, the Brendan Gallagher of the Canucks.

That being said, following the second matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Burrows allowed himself a speech because in 2011, his Vancouver Canucks were leading 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals as the team battled the Boston Bruins. That year, the Bruins became one of the few groups to come back from a 0-2 deficit to take home the honors and ultimately lift that precious silver.

Understandably, Burrows knows that a comeback in this series is far from an impossible task. Luke Richardson, who was in charge during Dominique Ducharme's absence, had this to say about his partner's speech behind the bench:

"He (Burrows) talked to us about it (Wednesday) in the coaches' room. He reminded us that there is a danger that the team ahead of us will be a little overconfident. We have to keep that in mind, remember that there are some really good things to come out of the last game and build on that. " - Richardson

Eric Staal told the media about his experience in the spring of 2006, so he is also aware that it is not impossible to turn this series in the Montreal Canadiens' favour:

"It's far from over. I remember being in the opposite position. We felt comfortable with that lead. The Oilers had pushed the series to the limit. And you know anything can happen in a Game 7. We realize it's a race to get four wins. We'll start by thinking about Game 3. We know it's going to be critical. However, if we play the way we did on Wednesday, we'll be on the right side of winning! "Staal

The additions of Corey Perry and Eric Staal are invaluable. Both players have been performing at a high level since the start of the playoffs and on top of that, they play a vital role in terms of experience and leadership, being key guides for this team. This is not the time to give up, fans, okay?
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