Bruins Head Coach Confirms Concerning Updates for Bergeron, Marchand, Lindholm

Published March 26, 2023 at 8:27 PM

Bad news for the Boston Bruins as they gear up for the playoffs. Head coach Jim Montgomery confirmed Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and Hampus Lindholm are each dealing with one ailment or another.

Montgomery Confirms the Worst for Marchand, Bergeron, Lindholm

After Sunday's tilt with the Carolina Hurricanes, Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery confirmed the trio did not play due to 'nagging injuries' and implied that one or more could devolve into a prolonged absence.

"First of all Bergy, Marchy and Lindholm aren't playing because of nagging injuries," he revealed on Sunday. "And Bergy was also under the weather yesterday and it got progressively worse during the game."

He continued, saying the Bruins' captain was under the weather during Saturday's game against Tampa Bay and even clarified that his condition gradually worsened as the game carried on.

Montgomery was also asked about the advantage of sitting firmly in the playoffs and how it enables he and his staff to sit guys. An advantage that most other teams do not possess.

"It's nice. We don't want to get to the point where they couldn't play and it's getting close to that point...because of those nagging injuries they're playing through some pain right now, and we don't want them to progressively get worse."

The Boston Bruins have been absolutely dominant this season, and everybody knows it. If there was a single knock on the team as a whole, it is that they have several veterans who have logged lots of miles on their bodies. If guys start to break down after a long season, it could prove detrimental to their high postseason hopes.

Fortunately, Montgomery has the option of resting his top players as we inch closer to the playoffs.

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Bruins Head Coach Confirms Concerning Updates for Bergeron, Marchand, Lindholm

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