Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves addressing the media in Toronto.
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Ryan Reaves Speaks About His Much Anticipated Matchup Against Matt Rempe

Published March 2, 2024 at 7:01

Tomorrow the Toronto Maple Leafs will faceoff against the New York Rangers. In past meetings, this game was exciting but not a main event. However, with the recent emergence of enforcer Matt Rempe things have become a lot more intriguing for one Maple Leaf in particular.

Rempe Emerges As One Of The Game's Top Enforcers

Beginning on January 1st at the Winter Classic Rangers forward Matt Rempe began to build his reputation as an enforcer with a big fight. Since then Rempe has taken on any challenger that dares to come his way.

Now Rempe will get an opportunity to square up against one of the most well-respected enforcers in the NHL in Ryan Reaves.

Reaves Speaks On Much Anticipated Matchup Against Rempe

Today Ryan Reaves spoke to the media about the Maple Leafs' upcoming game. Of course, he was asked about Matt Rempe and the likelihood that the two would come together for a fight. Reaves left the possibility open with a smile and a chuckle while admitting he sees a lot of himself in Rempe.

«I don't have the game script, but you never know» 👀

Is it Reaves and Rempe time tomorrow night

As the teams clash tomorrow all eyes will be on these two warriors to see if they do indeed drop the gloves and give the fans the show they are all hoping for.

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Ryan Reaves Speaks About His Much Anticipated Matchup Against Matt Rempe

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