Winnipeg Jets defenseman Logan Stanley fighting Edmonton Oilers forward Corey Perry
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Corey Perry Drops the Gloves With Logan Stanley in Heated Tilt

Published March 26, 2024 at 9:41 PM

The Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets are in a very important game tonight. During the contest, Corey Perry dropped the gloves with Jets defenseman Logan Stanley.

Perry takes on much bigger Logan Stanley in heated fight

Perry isn't known as a nice guy to play against. He's certainly never been a lady Byng finalist. However, he doesn't fight guys very often either. Tonight though he took his big boy pills as he dropped the gloves with massive Winnipeg Jets defenseman Logan Stanley.

Corey Perry drops the gloves with the big boy Logan Stanley

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The crowd in Winnipeg was very receptive to the contest as would most fan bases when they see Corey Perry getting beat up. Stanley used his size advantage to easily handle the Oilers pest as he stands over six and a half feet tall.

The Stanimal throws down in a spirited tilt with Corey Perry.

Stanley certainly got the better of the veteran pest.

After the fight, he fired the crowd up even more by gesturing with his arms for the crowd to get pumped up. Stanley has become somewhat of a fav-favorite in Winnipeg in recent years for moments exactly like this one.

Logan Stanley. WOW.

He fires up the sold out crowd with this fight against Corey Perry.


The game is extremely important to both teams as the playoffs are now just around the corner. There is no doubt that both these clubs will be making the playoffs, but they can still improve their chances of getting home ice advantage and more favorable first-round matchups.
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Corey Perry Drops the Gloves With Logan Stanley in Heated Tilt

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