Big Brawl Erupts After A Player Gets Violent in The Handshake Line

Published March 9, 2023 at 1:31 PM

After a U18 game, during the customary handshake line, a player from one team lost it and threw a punch at the head of an opposing player. This sparked a full-on brawl, with players from both sides exchanging blows and coaches attempting to intervene and restore order.

Big Brawl Erupts at U18 Game

A video of a big brawl that erupted after a U18 game is going viral on social medias.

The league has suspended several players and coaches for unsportsmanlike conduct and receiving fighting majors befor they issued this statement:

An unfortunate incident occurred between two EFHL teams this past weekend. EFHL Officials and staff are working through referees reports provided to ensure all players who participated in the events post game receive the appropriate sanctions. This is not tolerated in the EFHL.

The game sheet indicates that penalties were given out appropriately:

The lack of sportsmanship and respect displayed by the players is disheartening for all parties involved, especially since we enjoy the physicality of the game.

Credits : BOS
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Big Brawl Erupts After A Player Gets Violent in The Handshake Line

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