Capitals head coach Spencer Carbery buries Alex Ovechkin

Dawson Mckenzie
April 24, 2024  (9:29)

Alex Ovechkin during a game for the Washington Capitals looking disappointed.
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After the second straight loss to the New York Rangers and going down 0-2 in the series, Washington head coach Spencer Carbery called out veteran Alex Ovechkin for his play thus far in the series.

No one expects the Washington Capitals to make it out of the first round of the post-season this year, as they barely scraped their way into the playoffs in general. Facing the New York Rangers, it appears that the series is going to go as everyone expected, and might even end up in a sweep as the Caps fell down 0-2 in the series after their loss last night.
After the game, Capitals Head Coach Spencer Carbery made an interesting decision to call out veteran superstar Alex Ovechkin for his lacklustre performances over the past two games. Here is what he had to say.
"He looks a little bit off. He's struggling." - Capitals Head Coach Spencer Carbery on Alex Ovechkin.

Ovechkin definitely has his plate full with the New York Rangers, a team that has had tremendous success this season, especially with the first two games of the series being on the road. However, Carbery noted that going back home the Caps should have a better time with getting the matchups they want for Ovi.
«I thought the first two games he looked a little off. He's struggling. It's hard. It's the playoffs, on the road, it's a tough matchup. We're back home, now we can control the matchup for him. He can flip it in a heartbeat and be a difference maker»

While no one expects the Capitals to make it out of the first round, getting swept would still be an embarrassing moment. Especially considering the number of opportunities for Alex Ovechkin to play in the post-season is dwindling rapidly given his age.

As seen on Markerzone - Capitals head coach buries Alex Ovechkin after tough game
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Capitals head coach Spencer Carbery buries Alex Ovechkin

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