Alex Ovechkin's Plan to Return to Play in Russia is in Motion

Published March 14, 2023 at 12:37

A very patriotic Russian, Alex Ovechkin has said many times he will end his career in Russia. His KHL club has now admitted they are already planning for his return.

Dynamo Moscow Planning For Ovechkin's Return

Alex Ovechkin has played five seasons for Dynamo Moscow. From 2001-2005 and in the 2013 lockout season, he was proudly representing his country's most prominent club.

Per the club, the plan for Ovechkin's return in 2026 is in place, and they are planning to have strong linemates for Ovi when he returns.

Here is their statement (translated from Russian):

So we're preparing it right now. Dynamo now has that age potential, which will peak at the moment when Sasha's NHL contract expires. I want him to have decent partners at that moment.

While Ovechkin will already be 41 years old at the end of his deal in the NHL, he surely has several more good years ahead of him with his home team.

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Alex Ovechkin's Plan to Return to Play in Russia is in Motion

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