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NHL GM's Call For Change After the Golden Knights' Crazy Deadline

Published March 10, 2024 at 12:16

The Golden Knights have a reputation to keep up, having been the winners of the Stanley Cup last year. However, the team's actions around the trade deadline are under fire, and have managers calling for major changes.

Golden Knights Accused Of Gaming LTIR

The trade deadline was just yesterday, and many teams were scrambling to find the best way to utilize cap space to build a team equipped for the playoffs. However, the Golden Knights have been accused of gaming loopholes in the long-term injury reserve system.

Recently, it was announced that William Carrier of the Vegas team was placed on LTIR himself, leaving an additional $1.4 million in relief. While he has been injured for a while, the timing of this move has definitely raised a few eyebrows at this strategy.

NHL GMs Call For Changes Amidst Vegas Deadline Behavior

The Golden Knights now have some of the most LTIR cap space, not far from the leading team from Toronto. Not to be taken out for the second year in a row, general managers from other teams have started to speak up on the matter, asking for changes to be made in the next collective bargaining agreement.

"Friedman at the intermission says a couple of managers are not 100% comfortable with a player not being able to play game #82 in regular season but can play Game 1 of the playoffs, there is nothing you can do in this CBA but perhaps will be addressed in next CBA."

With much of the discussion still left to be had, many NHL fans have started to discuss amongst themselves how this system could be fixed. Many are focused on how many games the individual played before the playoffs, while others are more preoccupied with overall cap space.

While there is still quite a bit of the regular season left, it is well worth keeping an eye on any activities regarding LTIR players as we near the playoffs. Whether or not changes to the CBA are implemented, only time will tell.
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NHL GM's Call For Change After the Golden Knights' Crazy Deadline

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