Kyle Clifford of the Toronto Marlies jumping Joseph Duszak of the Springfield Thunderbirds.
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MUST SEE: Maple Leaf Player Goes After Former Teammate after disrespecting his players

Published March 10, 2024 at 11:25

In a must-see video, this Toronto Maple Leaf player just went after a former AHL teammate during a Marlies game after he celebrated a little too much.

Kyle Clifford Jumps Former AHL Teammate During Game

Things were heated between the Toronto Marlies and the Springfield Thunderbirds last night when former Toronto Marlie Joseph Duszak iced the game late in the third. After his goal, he celebrated a bit too close to the Marlies Bench and had some words for his former team.

Joseph Duszak finds the back of the net against his former team and has some words for the #Marlies.

This didn't go over well with noted tough guy Kyle Clifford, who went out immediately for the following faceoff and proceeded to chase Duszak down and jump him for his celebration.

Kyle Clifford immediately goes after Joseph Duszak off the puck drop following his goal against the #Marlies.

As you can see in the video, Duszak did not want any of the fight with Clifford and dropped before any punches could even be thrown.

Drama Revealed Between Former Marlie and the Team Going Back Two Years

Kyle Cushman took to social media to reveal that there is drama between Duszak and the Marlies, as he says that Duszak was not happy about his playing time with the Marlies back when they missed the playoffs in the 2021-22 season.

There's a rough history between Duszak and the Marlies.

The Marlies lost the last game of 21-22 and as a result missed the playoffs. Duszak didn't play. There was talk about him being upset about playing 4RW rather than D. Crocker says here he straight up bailed on the team

Either way, Clifford probably over reacted here going after Duszak so violently after the goal, and Duszak probably had a little extra to say to the Marlies bench after his goal.
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MUST SEE: Maple Leaf Player Goes After Former Teammate after disrespecting his players

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