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Biznasty Calls Out the Vegas Golden Knights After Their Controversial Trade Deadline

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:29

Paul Bissonnette was recently vocal about the Las Vegas Golden Knights trade antics at the deadline, saying that they are pretty much cheating.

Biz Calls Out the Vegas Golden Knights For Cap Circumvention

Paul Bissonnette is one of the funniest voices in hockey media right now, but occasionally he weighs in on a serious topic and reveals his true, non-joking take on the matter. This time, the topic of his serious take was the Vegas Golden Knight's Cap circumvention with their use of LTIR.

"I think the question is how do they add these guys?" asked Bissonnette. "The LTIR special."

"If Stone comes back Game 1, what are you saying if you're another franchise that might have to play these guys Game 1?" asked Bissonnette. "If he comes back Game 1 do you not feel like there's a repetitive nature here?"

"But if Game 1 Stone's back and everybody's back, they are playing with a roster that's 10 million dollars over the cap," said Bissonnette.

"I'm not saying Stone doesn't have a legitimate injury, but if he comes back Game 1 it just looks extremely suspicious," said Bissonnette. "Am I crazy here? Help me out you people at home! Am I crazy? Does this not look suspicious?"

He has a real take here that resonates with a lot of NHL fans. Especially when you consider that Mark Stone has been placed on LTIR in the past in a similar manner.

The NHL actually needs to start investigating this. Either Mark Stone is the softest marshmallow in the league or they're doing this to manipulate the salary cap every single year

Biz Tops His Take Off With the Wrong Wording on Social Media

Even when Biz gives a serious take once in a while, the seriousness doesn't last very long. He took to social media to share his opinion on the matter, mistakingly (or maybe not) using the wrong word to describe the Vegas Knights' cap circumvention.

Cap Circumcision at it's finest. League needs to investigate. 🕵🏻‍♂️🔎❓🤨

Do you think the Vegas Golden Knights should be investigated?

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Biznasty calls out the Golden Knights' cap shenanigans."
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Biznasty Calls Out the Vegas Golden Knights After Their Controversial Trade Deadline

Do you think Vegas should be investigated for its use of LTIR?

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