NHL Utah officially files trademarks for eight logos

River Hawk
June 3, 2024  (4:46 PM)

One of eight trademarked NHL Utah logos
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The hockey world has been patiently waiting for Ryan Smith and NHL's new Utah Hockey Club to finish branding. Now, the team has officially trademarked eight possible logos for their inaugural season.

The Arizona Coyotes were in for a rude awakening earlier this year when they found out they would no longer operate as is due to poor leadership decisions. They were informed before their last game this season they would be headed to Utah for the next step in the franchise.
"Per #thescore
The Arizona Coyotes were informed prior to Friday's game that the team will be moving to Utah, reports Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman.

Players and staff might head to Salt Lake City after the contest against the Edmonton Oilers to take a look at the facilities, Friedman added.

Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong was scheduled to speak to the team on Friday evening.
The relocation may be announced on Wednesday, the date of the Coyotes' last home game at Mullett Arena, according to PHNX Sports' Craig Morgan. However, sources told Friedman that it may not be possible to make the announcement that quickly."

Since that announcement, fans have made their voices heard on how the team should rebrand itself. Additionally, their leadership, including new owner Ryan Smith, released some details on possible team names and logos, with one candidate leaking online earlier this week.
"NHL Utah owner Ryan Smith made an impromptu appearance on The Pat McAfee Show today, and gave a bit of a sneak peek on a couple of the finalists for the team name. 👀

'We've got our fourI think Mammoth is up there, I think Yeti is up thereit should be good.'"

However, the leaked logo is not the only one still in the running. As of today, Utah HC has trademarked eight possible logos the team could use this season. As of now, four have been made public, including the logo that swept social late last week.
"Applications for trademarks have been filed for eight logos for the Utah Hockey Club (including the one that circulated last week).

It looks like the branding for the inaugural season is coming together."





Though we are another step closer to seeing which direction Ryan Smith and his advisors take in branding the new team, it may be another little while before they settle on a design. Hopefully, whichever way they go, will be the best move for Utah's inaugural NHL season.
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NHL Utah officially files trademarks for eight logos

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