Timothy Liljegren's next deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs predicted by expert

Aaron Itovitch
June 13, 2024  (3:39 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren
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Timothy Liljegren is one of the more interesting cases for the Toronto Maple Leafs this off-season, as they are committed to changing up their defense.

The former first-round pick is still a very good player, but Timothy Liljegren is now on the verge of his first bigger-money NHL contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and due to his inconsistent performances with the team, it may be more complicated than anticipated.
Toronto Maple Leafs analyst Joshua Kloke of The Athletic has laid out the likely next contract for Timothy Liljegren with the Toronto Maple Leafs; if they are intending to keep him of course, which they may not due to potential free agency moves.
It could take some time this offseason for Liljegren's future to play out.

It sounds like there hasn't been much dialogue between the Leafs and Liljegren's camp over his next contract. The Leafs are likely waiting to see how free agency unfolds. Once they know what kind of pieces they can add, they'll be able to decide where Liljegren fits in their lineup.

Several contract comparables have emerged for Timothy Liljegren, with the lowest end being Vince Dunn, who signed a one-year, $1.875 million deal in 2020, and the very highest end being Erik Cernak, who signed a three-year deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning worth $2.95 million per in 2020 as well. Kloke equally brought up former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Rasmus Sandin, who signed a five-year, $4.6 million deal with the Washington Capitals earlier this year. That is higher than what Timothy Liljegren should get, but it is likely the framework he is eyeing.
Comparables: Vince Dunn ($1.875 million, 2020-21), Erik Brannstrom ($2 million, 2023-24), Martin Fehervary (Three years, $2.675 million AAV, 2023 to 2026), Erik Cernak (Three years, $2.95 million AAV, 2020 to 2023), Ryan Lindgren (Three years, $3 million AAV, 2021 to 2024)...

If the fit and a bonafide role for Liljegren isn't there under Berube, Liljegren has value as a cost-controlled trade chip. There's always a need for young, right-shot defencemen throughout the NHL. Liljegren's good friend and former Leafs teammate Rasmus Sandin got shipped to the Washington Capitals in 2023, found a clear role on his new team and signed a five-year, $23-million extension. That's the kind of deal Liljegren would undoubtedly be happy with.

This all considered, it is likely, if Timothy Liljegren remains with the Toronto Maple Leafs, that he will sign a short-term deal in the mid $2 million dollar range, matching up with a player like Martin Fehervary. It is entirely possible, however, that Brad Treliving opts to trade him.
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Maple Leafs RFA breakdown: What's next for Timothy Liljegren, Nick Robertson and others?
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Timothy Liljegren's next deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs predicted by expert

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