Tie Domi claps back at Georges Laraque over the Ryan Reaves comments

Tom Banks
April 8, 2024  (4:43 PM)

Former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi on the left, Former Montreal Canadiens Georges Laraque on the right and in the middle Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves
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Georges Laraque wasted no time calling out Ryan Reaves over his actions on the weekend, and now a former Maple Leafs enforcer has fired back.

The Toronto Maple Leafs once again beat the Montreal Canadiens over the weekend, and unsurprisingly, there was plenty of drama coming out of another rivalry matchup. This time it surrounded Ryan Reaves, who dominated the game physically, including a big win over Michael Pezzetta as the two dropped the gloves.
After the game however, former enforcer Georges Laraque was clearly not impressed, as he sent out a post on social media criticizing Reaves, claiming he could only put on this type of performance in the absence of Arber Xhekaj.
For those who were wondering the importance of Xhekaj in the lineup, I hope you understand after yesterday's game against Toronto. Go watch the previous match between the 2 teams when Xhekaj played, Reaves was invisible, and yesterday he was driving everyone crazy! While the cat's away the mice will play!!! 😂

When a fan called out his comments, Laraque doubled down, claiming that Xhekaj has nothing to prove, even against a guy like Reaves who is considered the top heavyweight in the NHL.
Just so you know, ill explain something to you plain and simple. When you play your first game in Toronto after signing a 3 year deal, in front of your fans, you play rival team like Montreal. You're supposed to be the #1 heavyweight in the NHL, when a guy makes you look bad in a fight, because Xhekaj did made him look bad, you go again, not the next game, the same game. Xhekaj has nothing to prove!

Ryan Reaves and no one on the team gain anything by responding to Laraque, so instead it was the father of a teammate that did so, with former Maple Leafs heavyweight Tie Domi hitting back and Laraque on social media.
@GeorgesLaraque you know you would have done the same thing if someone hit one of your teammates like Pezzetta on Kampf. Reavo is playing great & getting ready for the playoffs he didn't want to fight but he had too
George I love ya brotherhood always sticks together💪💪🏽❤️

Domi accurately points out that the fight was forced on Reaves after a questionable hit from Pezzetta, and if No. 75 can play like this when the playoffs roll around, the Leafs become that much more dangerous.
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Former Maple Leaf Tie Domi responds to Georges Laraque's comments
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Tie Domi claps back at Georges Laraque over the Ryan Reaves comments

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