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Sportsnet's Latest Stanley Cup Odds are a Complete Disrespect for the Maple Leafs

Published March 12, 2024 at 5:34 PM

With the emergence of sports betting, many outlets now regularly release their odds for many things, including the Stanley Cup champions. Today Sportsnet released their odds for the achievement.

Sportsnet Releases Latest Stanley Cup Odds

The outlet released their post-trade deadline odds for the Stanley Cup today, shocking many fans. They have the Oilers as the favorites at a +650. Other teams in contention include the Panthers (+700), Canucks (+850), and Stars (+1000). The Hurricanes, Rangers, and Golden Knights round out the top ten at +1100, +1100, and +1200 respectively.

Here's a look at how the Stanley Cup odds are shaping up post-trade deadline. 👀

One notable omission from this list is the Toronto Maple Leafs. As Canada's largest fanbase, Leafs fans will likely not be too happy to see their team miss the top ten. However, given how the team has played this year and the lack of trade deadline moves, this does make sense.

Toronto Maple Leafs Stand Pat At Trade Deadline

As part of the graphic, Sportsnet pointed out the teams who's odds improved the most after the trade deadline. Colorado went from +1300 to +900, Carolina from +1300 to +1100 and Vegas from +1600 to +1200. All three of these teams made major moves at the trade deadline. The Leafs on the other hand, brought in a few depth players and called it a day.

Given the Leaf's lack of playoff success with their current core, it makes sense that the oddsmakers don't like their chances. Still though, you have to play the games. Anything can happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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Sportsnet's Latest Stanley Cup Odds are a Complete Disrespect for the Maple Leafs

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