Sheldon Keefe sends a heartfelt goodbye to the Leafs faithful

Tyler Ball
May 9, 2024  (12:23)

Sheldon Keefe saying goodbye to Leafs nation
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Earlier today Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe was relieved of his duties by GM Brad Treliving. Since the announcement was made Sheldon Keefe has now put out a video statement regarding the move.

It was one of the worst kept secret in the NHL that Sheldon Keefe was likely going to be fired this week. Today the move officially happened taking the Toronto Maple Leafs in a new direction.
Sheldon Keefe has been relieved of his role as head coach. The organization will immediately begin the search for a new head coach.

Below is Sheldon Keefe's full message. During his speech he thanks several front office members, the players and has a passionate speech to the fans. He also takes direct responsibility for not succeeding in the playoffs. He also says that coaching the Maple Leafs was the dream of a lifetime.
Leafs nation. Time has come to say goodbye. Writing down a note and sending it out didn't seem like enough. And I do plan on taking a little break from media. So here I am. Um. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to coach the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's a dream come true for a boy from Brampton.
I want to thank Kyle Dubas, Lou Lamorello, Brad Treliving, Brandon Pridham, Brendan Shanahan, Larry Tannenbaum and the MLSC board for giving me this opportunity to work with the Marleys and Leafs. I didn't get it done in the playoffs. I didn't help push our team over the line and deliver.
I accept responsibility for that. No excuses. That's the job. I didn't get it done. It's the reality of the business and I accept it. To the players. I appreciate all your efforts, your talents and your work ethic made me look good on a lot of nights. Anyone who suited up for blue and white, I appreciate you.
To the support staff of the Maple Leafs, your tremendous people and your elite at what you do. Players and support staff will drive the team to success. I believe it will win. Beliefs nation. You deserve your Stanley cup. Your passion at, uh, home and on the road is unmatched.
It's an incredible honor to coach the maple Leafs, to try to deliver for you. To the media that, uh, had to deal with you every single day. Sometimes twice a day, three times a day. I appreciate your process.
I respected the fact that you're honest and fair and had a job to do. I hope you appreciated the fact that I helped you do it. I don't know what comes next, but I know I'll be ready for it. In the meantime, I'll enjoy giving my family the time that they deserve.
Love you all and be well. Bye.

This is an incredibly moving and kind gesture from someone who just lost their job. Many other coaches disappear without as much as a statement. For Sheldon Keefe an entire speech was needed to sum up what the job meant to him.
While Sheldon Keefe was never able to succeed in the playoffs one thing is certain he put everything he had into the job. It was time for a change but the Sheldon Keefe era for the Toronto Maple Leafs should be looked back at fondly by many.
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Sheldon Keefe sends a heartfelt goodbye to the Leafs faithful

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