Ryan Reaves speaking to a Sportsnet reporter after the Toronto Maple Leafs win over the Florida Panthers.
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Ryan Reaves tries to show off his body after taunting Matthew Tkachuk

Published April 2, 2024 at 5:47 PM

Last night the Leafs and Panthers faced off in a high stakes game to determine playoff seeding. During the game things got heated between Ryan Reaves and Matthew Tkachuk. After the game Ryan Reaves spoke about taunting Matthew Tkachuk.

During last night's game, Toronto Maple Leafs forward was trying to set the tone for his team. In doing so he got into a scuffle with Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk. After the two were separated Ryan Reaves majorly taunted Matthew Tkachuk with a savage celebration.

Ryan Reaves is not phased by Matthew Tkachuk

Ryan Reaves pulled out the oh I'm so scared taunt on Matthew Tkachuk. Both players would be sent to the box and play would continue on. The Maple Leafs would end up getting the better of the Florida Panthers winning 6-4.

After the game Sportsnet decided to speak to Ryan Reaves and things got interesting during the segment.

Ryan Reaves tries to take his shirt off during post-game interview

Ryan Reaves joined the Sportsnet analyst outside the locker room after the game for an interivew. During the interview Ryan Reaves asked why he and other players weren't allowed to have their shirts off during these interviews which led to a hilarious exchange with the interviewer.

«If we want to start catching the NFL and NBA we're going to have to start marketing this body a little bit, alright?»

Reavo wants tarps off for interviews

Ryan Reaves would end up going on to talk about the game and compliment his teammates for coming together. He says they feel like they are becoming a family in the locker room.

As the playoffs begin it will be fun to see if the team getting closer with one another will lead to on-ice success.

Source: Hockey Feed - Reaves taunts Tkachuk, then wants to show off his body on post-game
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Ryan Reaves tries to show off his body after taunting Matthew Tkachuk

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