Mitch Marner criticized for pulling away from a hit during puck chase

Graham Montgomery
April 23, 2024  (8:45 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner shooting a puck during warmups
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Mitch Marner has long been a player that faces steep criticism from Leafs fans and media alike. This year is no different as every detail of his play in the series against Boston has been picked apart by fans and former players online.

This time around, the criticism stems from a play along the boards in the Bruins end of the ice. The puck was rimmed around the boards behind the net, going from the near side to the far side wall. Marner was the closest Leaf pursuing the puck, but he decided to bail out when he saw a Bruins player in position to meet him at the boards, instead jumping around him. He could have taken a hit to try and make a play on the puck, but instead, the Bruins got gifted an easy breakout.
Fans aren't happy with Mitch Marner's effort on this play, and quite frankly, throughout the entire series. Has Marner's "lack of effort" been noticeable, or are fans overreacting?💙👇


Needless to say, Leafs fans were not particularly happy about this. He has been ostracized online for this specific play, with many fans saying the Marner is one of the softest players in the league.
Mitch Marner is outright pathetic.
He makes Nylander look like Chris Pronger.


Even former NHL players got in on the action this time with former Blues defenseman Jordan Schmaltz chipping in with his thoughts on the play. He was particularly insightful, noting how Marner tried to disguise the fact that he was basically giving up on the play. Schmaltz was a part of the 2019 Blues team that won a Stanley Cup, but only appeared in 20 regular season games so he is not technically a champion himself.
The ole bailout but make it look like you're competing. Classic. I used to do this myself from time to time. Not trying to hate on the fella Mitchie Sheets $$ but you ain't gonna win anything playing with a parachute on your back at this time of year that's just faxx.

Still though, it is quite damning when former NHL players are calling out a star like Mitch Marner for lack of effort in the playoffs.
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Mitch Marner being torched for giving up on a puck race to avoid a hit
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Mitch Marner criticized for pulling away from a hit during puck chase

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