Leafs analyst pinpoints top two trade destinations for Mitch Marner

Graham Montgomery
May 8, 2024  (11:12)

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner skating with the puck on his stick
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The Toronto Maple Leafs had another rough go in the playoffs this year as they went out in the first round. After eight years of failure, the team may finally be moving on. One analyst thinks they will trade Mitch Marner.

Many Leafs fans would be sad to see Marner go. After all, he is a very good hockey player. However, he has also become quite controversial in Toronto, developing a love-hate relationship within the fan base as he has often failed to meet expectations in the playoffs.
Mitch Marner is an absolute embarrassment lmao

- Making money that can go to 2 defencemen
- Not producing and looks genuinely lost out there
- now throwing Timmy-level tantrums on the bench 😭😭

Toronto Sun reporter Kevin McGran suggested the possibility of trading Marner in the offseason. This idea is not new as many around the hockey world believe this is exactly what will happen. However, he specifically linked Marner to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Utah hockey club.
Analyst Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star has stirred the pot by suggesting two potential destinations for Marner—the Tampa Bay Lightning and the new team in Utah, formerly the Arizona Coyotes.

That being said, Marner has full control over his future with a full no-move clause. Furthermore, he has already expressed a desire to stay in Toronto. Notably though, he is on the final year of his contract with the team next season.
Mitch Marner makes it clear that he wants to stay with the Maple Leafs.

Marner would be an obvious fit for Utah as he would immediately become the face of the franchise. How perfect would that be for Utah? The Lightning on the other hand, are facing the possibility of not having Steven Stamkos anymore as his contract will expire on July 1st.
Steven Stamkos takes in what might be his last game as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning

If it is, he leaves as a Florida sports ICON.

Also, if it isSteven, come to Chicago.

Marner could be a perfect replacement for Stamkos on a Lightning team that is still looking to compete for a Stanley Cup next season. It might take a little work to make the deal feasible, but why wouldn't they be interested?
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Toronto analyst suggests the two best trade destinations for Marner
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Leafs analyst pinpoints top two trade destinations for Mitch Marner

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