Toronto Maple Leafs' Timothy Liljegren, Mitch Marner, John Tavares and another player celebrating a goal in a game.
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Friedman drops massive update regarding Marner and Tavares

Published May 13, 2024 at 12:42

Elliotte Friedman dropped a massive update on Mitch Marner and John Tavares in the latest episode of his podcast 32 Thoughts.

It's expected that many changes will go down this summer in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and important discussions about those changes could go down in the coming weeks.

The Leafs' leaders Mitch Marner and John Tavares could be involved in those discussions. Both of them had their fair share of struggles in the playoffs against the Boston Bruins and it could lead to their departure from Toronto.

According to Friedman, Marner and Tavares should expect discussions with the Leafs' management about their situation as soon as next week:

"If you're Tavares or Tavares' representatives, you have to recognize the possibility they may come to you. If you are Marner or Marner's representatives you have to recognize the possibility that by simply saying they are not going to do certain things contract-wise, whether it's the number or the structure or whatever you want to make it that you're going to have to consider going elsewhere. I think right now we are in the unwinding phase, and I would expect in the next week or two that some of these conversations are going to take place.

There are teams out there that are going to start asking Toronto, 'Okay, if Marner is available, what are we looking at here?' As I've said before, going back to last summer with Nylander, teams know that Toronto is looking for the best defenseman that they can possibly get. So who's out there via trade and what are some of these teams willing to do. That's what I think the next month before the draft is going to be all about."

Both players have no-movement clauses, meaning they'll need to agree on being traded for a deal to happen.

Considering the team is already preparing their plans for the summer, we should know more about Marner and Tavares' situations in the coming weeks.

This will be an interesting topic to follow for Leafs fans. Make sure to stay tuned for any new updates regarding potential trades involving Marner or Tavares.

Source: Maple Leafs Daily - Insider drops very interesting update on Maple Leafs' Marner, Tavares
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Friedman drops massive update regarding Marner and Tavares

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