Chris Tanev reveals why he decided to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs

Graham Montgomery
July 2, 2024  (8:28 PM)

Maple Leafs defenseman Chris Tanev speaking to the media
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Brad Treliving made a huge addition to his blueline yesterday when he signed Chris Tanev to a new contract.

The 34-year-old secured what will almost certainly be the final bag of his career after he signed a six-year deal with the Leafs as free agency opened up. The contract carries a cap hit of 4.5 million dollars each season.
🖊️ We've signed defenceman Chris Tanev to a six-year contract

Many Leafs fans are rightfully concerned about the length of the contract, as he is signed until he turns 40. Naturally, players tend to decline with age, especially when they are in their mid 30s. Needless to say, this is a risky move on Treliving's part.
The AAV here is just about what we expected. Concerned that the term is doubled. This probably won't age well, but the Leafs get a lockdown RD. #NHL #NHLFreeAgency #HockeyX #LeafsForever

That being said, the defenseman has since gone on the record explaining why he chose to come to Toronto.
After all, he was in a very good situation with the Dallas Stars, who just made the conference finals for the second time in a row this season. Notably, Tanev has never won a Stanley Cup.
However, it seems that some things are more important than that. Tanev revealed that he wanted to be in Toronto so he could be closer to his family, especially since he and his wife are currently expecting their second child.
Chris Tanev: "I'm from here. I grew up here. I grew up in East York so I'm a Toronto kid & definitely excited to raise my family here"

Second child on the way

"Being able to be close to home, being around grandparents is important"

Tanev also noted that the Leafs are not exactly a bad team to play for in general right now. It is true that they have not had much success in the playoffs recently, but he seems to believe that they have a roster capable of going on a deep run.
"It's not like I'm leaving Dallas to go a team that hasn't been successful over the last number of years. There's a ton of elite talent and a new coach, a Cup champion. He's going to bring a different aspect, different game style maybe to how we want to play here."

Source: MapleLeafsDaily
Chris Tanev reveals why he ultimately opted to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs
Chris Tanev reveals why he decided to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs

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