Waivers May Force Leafs To Lose Newly Signed Player

James Connelly
August 9, 2023  (6:19 PM)

Gary Bettman and the NHL may force the Toronto Maple Leafs to lose one of their most recent signings.

Leafs May Be Forced To Lose A New Piece

Today the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that they signed Martin Jones to a 1-year contract.
Jones is coming off of a massive workload season in Seattle which say him play 48 games and had a 2.99 GAA and a .887 sv%.
With this signing comes much uncertainty with what the Maple Leafs will do with their triad of goaltenders, Ilya Samsonov, Joseph Woll, and now Jones.
None are eligible to be sent down to the Marlies without waivers so the Leafs will enter a dilemma of risking losing Jones to their competition based on the rules.

Woll Or Jones?

The Leafs have a tough decision to make between keeping Woll or Jones as the backup.
Woll has youth on his side and had very strong performances with the Maple Leafs last season. On the other hand, Jones is a proven NHL commodity and while he is not what he used to be, he is still serviceable in a backup role.
Brad Treliving spoke on Woll recently sharing the following remarks.
"We have Joe [Woll], the young guy who finished off well. I've learned sometimes those young guys finish off well and it doesn't necessarily mean the start is going to go well, right?" - Brad Treliving

While Jones offers experience, he has seen his numbers plummet and may be worse than Woll if given the chance before.
With the Leafs struggle to get under the salary cap, they will have a tough call to make on sending Woll or Jones or neither to the AHL but one that we can be sure of is that Brad Treliving will do his due diligence on this decision.
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Waivers May Force Leafs To Lose Newly Signed Player

What should the Leafs do?

Send Jones to the AHL122747.4 %
Send Woll to the AHL59222.9 %
Send neither to the AHL76929.7 %
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