Sid Seixeiro Goes on Huge Rant After Toronto's Game Two Loss

Austin Kelly
May 5, 2023  (8:03 PM)

Sid Seixeiro Goes After Leafs Following Game 2 Loss

Sid Seixeiro, one of Toronto's most well known former sports figures turned Breakfast Host, gave tough shots at the Leafs, having gone down 2-0 in their Round 2 series against the Florida Panthers.
Seixeiro, a popular Toronto sports figure for his brash, and sometimes fervent, stances on the city's sports teams, including the Leafs, unsurprisingly, Sid had comments following Game 2 on 'Breakfast Television'.
Sid had to say following their 3-2 loss to Florida in Game 2, a game in which Toronto had been up 2-0, "The road is clear for the Maple Leafs to do damage...and they're blowing it."

Seixeiro also called out Leafs Captain John Tavares for a mistake on the Panthers game-tying goal, and called out William Nylander for "giving up" on the Leafs, despite being one of their best players against Tampa.
Seixeiro also called out fellow Leafs stars Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and Michael Bunting, accusing them of being "screw-ups".
As well, Seixiero gave his expert analysis, giving his view on what the Leafs need to do to close out games, saying, "you need to play 60 minutes to win".
Seixeiro as well went on to call Leafs Head Coach Sheldon Keefe, who has 3 of the 4 most winning seasons by a Leafs HC, as "clueless" for not putting the right lineups on the ice.
"The biggest mistakes on the ice, were from their most important people"

HockeyStatCards shows Matthews and Marner were the Leafs two best players tracked, although William Nylander tracked as the most inefficient in Game 2.
Leafs fans will no doubt be reaching for pitchforks if the team is to struggle further and potentially go down 3-0 against a underdog Florida that has already defeated a Goliath Bruins team.
It isn't a road paved gold for Toronto, who had hoped to waltz into the next record escaping the clutches of a familiar playoff foe in Boston, but playing the team that defeated them was going to be no easy challenge as well, and Keefe and Co. will have to decide if they want to listen to Sid Seixeiro.
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Sid Seixeiro Goes on Huge Rant After Toronto's Game Two Loss

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