Maple Leafs Set to Trade a Goalie in the Off-Season

Published March 27, 2023 at 1:56 PM

It's starting to become more than an opinion that the Maple Leafs have three NHL calibre goalies. Unfortunately, they only have room for two on the roster.

Maple Leafs Set to Make Goalie Trade

Joseph Woll's emergence has been a delight to watch for several reasons. Beyond his play bringing the Marlies into the Calder Cup conversation, he signed a three-year, league-minimum extension that kicks in next year.

In a small NHL sample, he has looked entirely apt as an option, and this has given the Leafs a tough choice to make.

Woll will no longer be waivers eligible next season, and any team with the option to pick him up for three years at league minimum would jump at it. With Ilya Samsonov being an RFA, and Matt Murray still being under contract, the Leafs have three worthy NHLers under team control.

This means that a trade is necessary, and they can go three routes.

Dubas and co. can try to capitalize off of Woll and trade him for assets, or see if Murray's contract is movable. Finally, he can look at options with Ilya Samsonov, who is due for a pretty substantial raise this season.

It's hard to imagine the team finding a suitable trade for Murray, as his injuries make him a risky acquisition.

Woll's cap-friendliness makes him a hot commodity, which the Leafs will likely want to keep as some big name players are due for extensions.

Finally, Samsonov has become the teams' starter, and will almost certainly be in net in the playoffs. The only question lies in if the Leafs can afford him.

Kyle Dubas has a tough decision to make, but something needs to happen in Toronto before opening night in October.

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Maple Leafs Set to Trade a Goalie in the Off-Season

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