Maple Leafs Head Coach Sheldon Keefe Unleashes a Fierce Outburst at His Players in an Intense Practice Session

Graham Montgomery
December 6, 2023  (8:00 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a disappointing start to the season. Additionally, they have been accused of being soft, despite Brad Treliving bringing in guys that were supposed to make the team harder to play against. Tensions are starting to run high as was seen at the team's practice this morning.

Keefe Sounds Off On Leafs For Unacceptable Effort At Practice

From the outside, it seems like the Leafs have developed a losing culture despite the talent on their team. Time after time the team proves that they really are not that tough to play against, as could be seen when Brad Marchand injured Timothy Liljegren earlier this season. Apparently, Sheldon Keefe has had enough of this, as he let his players hear it during practice this morning.
Sheldon Keefe not happy with the pace of practice so far. «F***ing Horses***».

Covering #Leafs practice for the legend @markhmasters. During a drill Sheldon Keefe was rather animated and yelled "Fu***** Hor***** practice" Not sure if this is the norm but it seemed out of character for him. #TSN

Maple Leafs Players Not Giving Their Best Effort In Practice Or Games

Apparently, his players were not putting in their best effort at practice. Keefe later addressed the outburst after practice. He discussed what the team needs to do on practice days in order to be ready for puck drop when they have their next game. He also addressed how the schedule has impacted their ability to be ready for games.
"You are going to play against a team that has been playing, so you are trying to manufacture that through practice time. Certainly, you want to get in a rhythm here. It has been unnatural how our schedule has been over the last month or so."

A lot of coaches like to preach practice how you would play. Obviously in hockey you don't want to hit your teammates the same way, but the effort level can still be the same. Maybe the Leafs really are lazy at practice because when you watch plays like this, you notice that the team's captain is not trying at all.
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Maple Leafs Head Coach Sheldon Keefe Unleashes a Fierce Outburst at His Players in an Intense Practice Session

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