Maple Leafs Have Found Themselves A Diamond In The Rough

Dawson Mckenzie
September 26, 2023  (11:28)

The Toronto Maple Leafs were criticized for their top draft pick this draft, however, they may have found a diamond in the rough.

Easton Cowan Impresses During Traning Camp

When he was first drafted, many Leaf fans weren't exactly sure what to think about Easton Cowan, besides the fact that he looked extremely young. In the preseason game against the Senators, Cowan changed the minds of many Leafs fans.
His impressive night was capped off with a goal, as well as a penalty shot earned solely through his impressive speed. Some are even saying he looked like the best player on the ice tonight, even with Matthews, Marner, and Bertuzzi on the ice.
He not only scored a brilliant goal tonight, but he also exhibited remarkable speed and executed an excellent penalty shot. He made several impressive rushes, and honestly, he might've been the Leafs' top forward tonight, even with Bertuzzi, Matthews, and Marner on the ice. I understand the obligatory 'It's just preseason,' but when a youngster stands out against NHL competition like this, it's indicative of something.

Cowan's Future is Bright with the Leafs But it Won't Be This Year

In other years, especially when the Leafs were struggling to even make the playoffs, Cowan could have a legitimate shot at cracking the roster. However, the Leafs are gearing up for a Stanley Cup run, and their roster talent matches that. There just isn't a slot for Cowan to slide into, even if he continues his high level of play, due to the Leafs' depth of skill in their top end.
Under different circumstances, say on a different Leafs' team, perhaps those early 2010s teams that were not that good, he might have made the squad. But given the cup-contending Leafs' team of the present, making it will be exceptionally challenging for him. Regardless, he's been outstanding so far.

I'm thoroughly impressed, and while there are players like Matthews and Nick Robertson, if he maintains this level of play, he could quickly climb the Maple Leafs' prospect ranks. It will be truly intriguing to see the Leafs' plans for him this year and in the years to come. If he continues on this trajectory, he might have a real shot at making the team by next year.

Brad Treliving certainly found a diamond in the rough in Cowan. Even if he isn't able to crack the roster next year, it's safe to say the Leafs have another top-end prospect in their rank.
Maple Leafs Have Found Themselves A Diamond In The Rough

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