Luke Schenn Just Bought a New House, His New Neighbour is a Former Leafs Star

Published March 28, 2023 at 8:35 PM

Luke Schenn, who currently plays for the Leafs, has recently revealed that he has bought a new house in Toronto. For privacy concerns, he has not shared any pictures of the house, but we do know one surprising detail about his new neighbour.

Shenn's New Neighbour is Former Leafs Star Kaberle

Schenn has revealed that his new neighbour is former Leafs star Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle, who was drafted in the 8th round in the 1996 Draft by Toronto, played 12 seasons with Toronto, before moving to Boston, to win a Stanley Cup with them in 2011, he played in Carolina for a season, before finishing his NHL career with the Habs for two seasons. Kaberle retired in 2013.

The two actually played on the same line in 2008, Schenn commented that Kaberle was his first defensive partner with the Leafs

"It's amazing. I moved into my new place to discover Tomas Kaberle is my neighbour! He was my first defence partner with the Leafs when I was a rookie in 2008. Small world!"

Schenn's new house also means that he might be considering a long term career with the Leafs. This is purely speculative, but it is always a good sign for long term commitment when a player buys a new house in the city they currently play for.

Hopefully the two former teammates can get together and perhaps Kaberle can share some hockey tips with Schenn.
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Luke Schenn Just Bought a New House, His New Neighbour is a Former Leafs Star

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