Gary Bettman Set to Impose Ridiculous New Schedule Adjustment

Published March 28, 2023 at 6:55 PM

The NHL has long struggled with growing the game of hockey and bringing in new fans. It appears as though NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has found his own solution to the NHL's marketing woes.

All 32 Teams Will Play on the Same Day?


A recent report by NHL insider Darren Dreger has indicated that the league is looking for new ways to market the NHL to the public next season. One idea floated around is to have all 32 teams play on the same day, which would have a total of 16 games played in the span of one day.

This could lead to some very interesting scheduling conflicts, as many fans may miss out watching games they'd hoped to catch in favor of another one. Another thought is that the NHL could have rivalry match-ups sprinkled throughout the day as the main marketing pieces. Let's hope Bettman knows what he's doing here.

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Gary Bettman Set to Impose Ridiculous New Schedule Adjustment

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